Online Marketing Solutions

Online market research is a systematic search, gathering and analyzing of the facts and data on how to meet consumer desires and needs. In other words it is a means of gaining information on marketing problem and opportunities. It also serves the purpose of keeping up with competitors’ market strategies. It is a systematic method of finding new concepts or ideas, getting feedback on proposed advertising or gaining insight into attitudes and opinions about a new product. Online market research is also helpful in variety of business decisions and to prepare a credible business plan such as capital planning, cash flow forecast, sales projections, pricing strategy, supplies and number of employees to be hired etc.
At WorldLink, we conduct the online market research through the steps:

  • Define the problem and determine and formulate the research question
  • Decide on the sources of information and sample profile
  • Plan the research method
  • Conducting the research and collecting the data
  • Perform data analysis and report the finding and recommendations
  • Reporting and presentation